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September 02 2017

I Refuse To Die By Any Means Other Than A Cryptid


I hate when you’re watching a procedural crime drama and they cast a well known actor as the surprise killer so the detective is like,

Hmmm I wonder if it was the baker, the doctor, or Bryan Cranston the Janitor. 


Chick-fil-A be like here is your meal your majesty it’s been my deepest pleasure to craft it please come again and enjoy your week McDonald’s be like fuck you

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September 01 2017




also @ you femme bitches w bad eyesight zenni is finally selling pink heartshaped prescription sunglasses so, just being a prep ally n reporting in on that

wow i guess a lot more of yall are femme bitches w bad eyesight than i thought. anyways u can get these here

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noodle monster / the front bottoms

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the 4 contestants of chopped


  • the ‘im sorry you must be level 4 to unlock my tragic backstory’ guy
  • ‘i’m here to pay for my wedding to my gf who i dedicate this burnt omlette to’ guy
  • the girl one
  • ‘im italian i come from an italian family and i eat, breathe and shit ravioli’ 

i mean hamilton s fine and all but we all know who did it first

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It’s been a decade and I still think about this scene at least once a week. 



then what the fuck is the point

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