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May 25 2017


please stop trying to make ed sheeran sexy. i don’t want to picture him feeling any kind of desire. the only thing i can picture him doing is taking his pet lizard out to the park for some sun, and that’s alright by me

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does anyone remember the video of the news anchor that says hes filling in because the other anchor was murdered

here it is




i love the fact that like… if you wanted to you could throw a chair… stool…. lamp… medium sized houseplant… even a lightweight table…. theres nothing physically stopping you from throwing furniture around, only social constructs and your own cowardice.

Don’t! Hurt! Your! Plants! They love and trust you all they are doing is being cute and green and making oxygen for your sorry ass to breathe

they dont “love” me or “trust” me they know im a bastard and i know they are too and both of us are fully prepared for the day one of us kills the other


laughter is my gut reaction to witnessing pretty much anything i find unbelievable and i’m counting down the days until it causes problems. i remember once i had a teacher who was screaming at someone and she said to them “in this classroom, i am god” and not laughing was the most difficult thing i’ve ever done

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Special Agent Dale Cooper Giving People the Thumbs Up Appreciation Post

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Remind me to never get in an argument with Velma about math or science. Poor Mickey Murphy.

Let us not forget Velma is, and I say this lovingly, freakishly strong

No pocket protector could stop that

Velma ripped out Mickey Murphy’s still beating heart


i just saw an ad about how the founding fathers wouldn’t foster safe spaces or trigger warnings and all i can think about is when john adams made it illegal to make fun of him

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I hate hate HATE all those 2edgy 4me theories about kids shows. Like Angelica dreaming up the rugrats, or the ed, edd, and eddy children being ghosts, or literally anything that takes a lighthearted and fun kids show and has to turn it into some tragic take of rape or murder or misinformed mental illness.

So you know what? From now on I’m gonna do the exact opposite. Every cool grim-dark show is now because of a bunch of children. To get us started:

Game of Thrones: A middle-school DnD campaign with the most angry, vindictive DM who has promised to kill everyone’s player characters (and their family) by the end.

The Walking Dead is actually a bunch of kids playing zombie apocalypse in their neighborhood and every time someone “dies,” it’s because their parents called them home for supper.

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Some Disney comics I made for a mini zine years back but didn’t post all of them online anywheres! Here you go.

Emmy is a goddamn national treasure. I am surprised at all times that Nick Cage isn’t hunting for her, I really am

The mulan one!

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using a hollowed out coffee pod as a mold, ive trapped peanut sonic in a resin prison. he can never go fast again. he’s eternally silenced.

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#ngl i wasn’t really sure if i liked pimento but i’m here now.

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Leading up to the 40th anniversary of the @starwars franchise, Vanity Fair introduces the next chapter in its saga with four covers devoted to The Last Jedi

Photographs by Annie Leibovitz.

I’m framing my carrie fisher cover

May 24 2017

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#about me kind of a little

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I may have done some damage there.

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