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July 16 2017

i just rode my bike directly into the back of an open minivan trunk, landed onto a dog bed then had a very lovely chat with a horrified french family

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Summer mood is impulsive online shopping at 2am on your phone in bed in the dark

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my new hobby is getting into tourists group photos and seeing if they notice

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Via fr Stephen lourie

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【画像】 カニvsワニ! カニの勝利! - ゴールデンタイムズ

i’m sure people know this, but for those of you who don’t, alligators and crocodiles (this is a gator) have some of the most powerful jaws on earth—if they’re biting down. their muscles are made to clamp and hold while its body twists, taking down its prey and (typically) drowning it. however, they have next to no opening power, meaning this crab’s claw has rendered this gator almost powerless

crab: shhhh……shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……..i am speaking about of Me now

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check please and tumblr posts: 9/9 - Other (½)

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The Last Jedi character posters.

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#eternal mood

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@ElaheIzadi:’Beauty and the Beast’ to have Disney’s first-ever ‘exclusively gay moment’
@HeatherMatarazz: I thought it was when I popped out the closet in “Princess Diaries 2”

also this

She definitely legalized same-sex marriage in Genovia

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